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Mar. 4, 2010

Nov. 6, 2009 










Mark Christopher Tyler "Chris"

March 4, 2010

It's been many months since we've posted Chris' words here, but God has been very good to him and got rid of his toothaches on December 28th.  He has been pain free since then.  Praise God!!!!

Chris says he's "happy and smiling beautifully", and that you should keep talking to the Lord.  He says don't argue anymore with your family and if you have to, walk away.  

Don't listen to fighting, ugliness or hateful messages.  Don't listen to the news and all the garbage on TV because it's not good for you.  Listen every day to preachers that tell what God said.  It is written, "man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes out of the mouth of God."


November 6, 2009

God has healed my eyes, and I no longer need glasses to see.  He has healed my legs and I can stand up and walk with out holding on.  I know that God has healed my teeth too and I thank the Lord!

Sometimes I had to wait for God to heal me, sometimes it happened right away.  I know that no matter what it looks like, no matter if there is pain or not, that God is doing what He said He would do.  

I wait on the Lord and just keep singing.  I keep thanking Him.  I just play my video games and talk on the phone (the things I love to do) and I don't worry about the healing.  I know God is with me, He is here.  He is with you too.  Just believe.


(Comment from mom:  We do go to doctors and dentists when necessary, and we can use our faith WITH the help of doctors, but we don't pin our hopes on the doctors or the medicines.  We are also very careful to investigate shots and medicines before taking them, and do what the Spirit urges us in our hearts.)