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My beloved family and friends,

There is some confusion about how we get our prayers answered, or what we can expect God to do.  There are some who say He expects us to work for our living, and that “God helps those who help themselves”. 

There are others who say ask for anything and believe and you’ll get it, and they are considered on the far side of the “norm”.  Some people look down on them and call them “prosperity” preachers because we usually think of money when we hear the word prosperity, so we associate that kind of faith with greed.

I want to end that confusion, and just say both sides have proven themselves right.  They were able to do that because of the ONE truth that is constant and more powerful than the forces that hold the planets in their orbits and turn our hair gray right on time.

JESUS.  He claimed to be the truth and the way and that God had given Him all authority and power on earth.  He healed everyone who asked for healing.  He helped everyone who asked Him for help.  The only healing He COULD NOT do, was to fix somebody’s life or body who had their mind made up that He was just the carpenter’s son, “that boy we watched grow up in our own home town”. 

In His town, where they had firmly planted in their minds that He was “one of them”, ordinary and understood, they couldn’t receive the truth about Him and so few miracles were performed there.

Jesus had to leave His home town and go out on the road where there were people who could dare to believe something new.

Many times Jesus would ask a person, “Do you believe that I can do this?”  The person would answer, “Yes,” and the healing would take place.  One fellow, recognizing his frail faith even added, “Yes Lord, but help me in my unbelief!”

What the Lord was asking held all the factors of “do you believe I WILL do this for you, do you believe I CAN do this for you, do you believe you SHOULD be healed, etc.”

We can come up with all kinds of reasons in our subconscious minds for why we can’t get what we’ve asked for, and of course the biggest one – “What if I ask and dare to believe but don’t get it?”

When we’re told to wait on God and let the miracle happen in HIS time, we take that to heart as being proof that God may not heal us, so we believe even less.  (Oh, for the faith of a child!)

Let’s look at the other times, when Jesus said to those He healed, “Let it be done unto you according to your faith.”  In those words we see how both sides of the belief issue can be equally right. 

Christ Himself (Jesus) told us over and over that whatever we ask in His name, believing, would be granted.  He said seek, ask and knock.  He also said to keep on asking, keep on seeking, keep on knocking.  He gave an example of a woman who went before a judge to ask for justice in some matter, and she kept pestering the judge enough so that he finally granted her request.

That doesn’t mean God does not care about us, but it shows that even if God would rather we had something better, and we keep asking for something that might not be good for us, we could still get it and have to suffer the consequences of that life choice.  (Boy, do I know this one to be true!  I have often asked and asked for something and forced my way through into what “I” wanted, only to learn in time to regret that decision.)

The bottom line is, we were given promises by the Father in the Old Testament, and by Jesus in the New Testament, and God’s word ALWAYS works.  It ALWAYS does what He says, and God never lies and never goes back on His word.

He says His word goes forth and always accomplishes that for which it was sent.

When God’s word comes into your ears or eyes and settles as a seed in your heart, it becomes faith.  When man or woman speaks in agreement with that word that God has already spoken, it sets in motion the outcome and is accomplished.

Whether it happens now or tomorrow or next month, sometimes depends on your level of belief, and sometimes on the timing of the event.  Sometimes it depends on your speaking it out, (asking in faith, declaring it to be true and be happening, whether you see it or not), over and over as the old woman who went before the judge.

We have God’s word already spoken in several places that He desires us to be safe, healthy, have the things we need, even the desires of our hearts, and to have eternal life with Him.

We don’t have to wonder if those things are God’s will.  It’s not necessary to wonder if God wants to give you your heating fuel, or have your phone bill paid, or to put food on your table.  You don’t have to question whether God wants to heal you of your sickness!  You can especially rely on this one!  EVERY sickness, disease and infirmity known to man’s body and mind was dealt with in the beating that Jesus took before the cross.  (We celebrate this release from captivity to sickness when we take the bread or cracker in the Lord’s Supper service.)  Every sin and failure and shortcoming, everything you’ll ever do wrong, was dealt with on the cross.  Those things, every one of them, your sins and your punishment for it (which is what sickness was for – the punishment or payment for your sins), were applied to Jesus’ body and nailed to that cross.  (We celebrate this release from sin and the exchange of our sins for Christ’s righteousness when we take the cup of grape juice or wine in the Lord’s Supper service.)  We are NOW truly the righteousness of God through His Son Jesus Christ.  We have been TOTALLY forgiven and accepted into Jesus’ family when we accept Jesus as our Savior.

God didn’t leave one single thing to chance, He provided for our salvation, and our healing, and His ongoing word provides for our supplies being met daily.

There is only one thing that God leaves up to us, and it’s not going to get a job!  It’s our faith.  He doesn’t force it upon us, He only made it available to every man, woman and child by giving us all a measure of it when we were born.  Now it’s up to us to choose to believe.

We had to choose to believe in Jesus as our Savior, and hopefully you’ve done that!  If you haven’t, PLEASE do it NOW!  But don’t stop there and think one choice was all you had to make.  One prayer, one time. 

Jesus’ followers were not called Christians back then.   What they believed or their “church” was called THE WAY, because it was a way of life.  Everything changed.  They traded their beliefs in the world system and their way of life, for God’s way. 

It meant that when the ordinary, mundane and unpleasant things of this world came up, they used the power in their spoken faith and the word of God to change it to go in their favor.

God works both sovereignly by choosing to bless you with things you didn’t ask for or know you needed, and also by answering your requests, always ACCORDING TO YOUR FAITH.

Whatever you believe as your reality, WILL be your reality.  If you believe Jesus’ blood covered your cancer and releases you from it when you pray, then it is so, and thousands upon thousands of cancer patients have already been healed of it.  I know several.

If you believe that God is going to provide you with a better house and a better life, you’re going to get that too.  I know several of them.

If you believe that God wants you to work hard and get more jobs and more money to pay your own way in life, then He’s going to let you live out that belief just as surely as if you asked for Him to do it all for you.

This is one of the most stubborn areas of our mindset.  We believe there is virtue in doing it for ourselves.  There is none.  The writer of Ecclesiastes said that he had checked into everything known to man, every way and every lifestyle, and every dream, and found that they were all folly.

Those who are born handicapped and those who through circumstances of life rely on God receive from Him equally as those who work to buy their bread.

God said we are put here on earth for His pleasure.  He made and designed each one of us in the womb, and asked that we spend time with Him, learn of Him and study His ways.  The enemy takes hold of a child’s mind early and drafts him into his service, joining the ranks of the working class, paying homage to the almighty dollar instead of having time to spend with the Almighty God who deserves our time.

Jesus said the work of man was this: to believe on the One He sent.  He said the commandment to man is this:  love God with all our hearts, minds and strength, and to love each other as we love ourselves.

That is NO easy task!  It takes a man a lifetime to set aside what he has learned at the devil’s school table and grasp what Jesus is actually offering us.

Jesus offers the Garden of Eden, and He says HE is the gate, the entrance into the kingdom of God where man and woman can again sit at the feet of the Lord and inquire into His mysteries and wonders.

Children know this instinctively and grasp it with joy, until their parents and teachers rip it from their hearts, replacing truth with man’s traditions.

What IS important is that you follow what you are passionate about, because God has placed inside of each of us talents and gifts that should be expressed, used to give joy to ourselves and to our fellow man.  Sometimes it’s a gift of service to others; sometimes it is to create something wonderful.  Sometimes we get to do all things in our lifetime.  But do whatever you do as if you were doing it for Jesus, because the Bible says we don’t work for man, but for God.  Don’t worry if your job is cancelled or if what you love to do doesn’t come with a paycheck.  God knows how to support you, as long as you are seeking Him and honoring Him first.  He said seek first the kingdom of God and ALL other things will be added unto you.

So many people place their concerns on getting many low paying jobs to make ends meet.  Some go to school and seek titles and degrees hoping to hit the big paychecks and make their dreams come true.  None of that is evil in itself, but if you’re not relying on God first and confident in His willingness and ability to care for you, no matter what job or education you get, you won’t have the fullness of God’s blessings working in your life. 

I don’t know about you, but I want the fullness and entirety of my Lord’s blessings, and every single wonderful thing that He has stored up for me.  I also don’t want to spend all my time in worry or in working here and there to raise some change to pay bills!

I want more than anything to spend time in the Word, to spend time with the Lord, and to delight in His mysteries and wonders.  I want to share that time with Him and make Him as important to me as I was to Jesus, to cause Him to endure the painful and terrifying death He went through to give me a ticket to paradise.

If you haven’t discovered the Lord Jesus, or invited Him into your heart, please do it today.  Simply say out loud that you want to be saved too and to belong to Him.

He said ALL who call upon the name of the Lord will be saved.  You can be sure it is done.  Then go to a church to be baptized, find one that believes what you believe, find friends to pray with and read the entire Bible.  Not all at once but study it daily and in small amounts that you can “ponder” and absorb.  Let the Holy Spirit speak to your heart.

When you ask God for something, BELIEVE it.  Stand on it.  Find another believer who will agree with you that it shall be done in Jesus’ name.  God will rush to you to show you that you have made the right choice to come to Him and He’ll begin to change your life and make it better – to the degree that you’ll allow Him into your life.

Remember, it all depends on your choice to believe.  God bless you and write to me.  I’ll be glad to stand in agreement with you and help in any way I can.


Love Lisa



To God be the praise and glory!  In Jesus’ name I send out this teaching and ask that the Word bless and heal all who read or hear it.

God bless you all.  Write to me at 

chastityrose (at) yahoo.com


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Write to me here:  chastityrose (at) yahoo.com


Lisa Tyler 2010