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What Is Healing and How Do We Get It?



































O how hard it is for us to totally believe we are healed, because our natures are constantly screaming for attention and pity and to make sure everyone knows how we’ve suffered and what we’re about to have to go through.  We want to tell the world and get them all on our side, perhaps to get their help or at least to justify how terrible our course in life is.


To become whole, we have to identify with Jesus, to be just like Him, without fault and without need.  We have to give up our self-pity and only dwell in childlike joy of each moment, experiencing “Life” as the only option.


When we are told we have cancer, can we deny it?  (YES!)  Can we refuse to take it on, despite the physical evidence that bad cells have been found in us, and actually communicate with our bodies’ cells – saying “NO, I choose not to allow cancer to be a part of my life?”  (YES!)


It has to be dealt with in the innermost part of our beings, in that gap between moments where our consciousness actually dwells.  We have to become quiet and confident, and know who and what we are.


There has been a lot of study of DNA by different groups in the last few years, those who promote the alternative healing methods such as EFT and those who study prayer, meditation and telepathy.  They have found that our DNA actually changes when we become ill, become well, or when our thoughts and attitudes change.  There are YouTube videos online of people’s blood viewed under a microscope that document changes in health before and after doing a minute or two of EFT with the intent to heal.  The same thing happens after prayer.


God says we take on His DNA when we are saved, and He becomes our actual Father, we’re “translated” out of Satan’s kingdom and into God’s family!


The DNA is the code in our cells that tells them how to recreate us when our cells are replaced.  When our DNA is programmed for illness, it recreates the illness every time cells must be replaced.


You’ve heard that all of our cells are replaced regularly, each type of body cell having its own time of replacement, varying from daily to a few months of time.  I used to wonder why, if the cells were made over again new, why we didn’t keep recreating ourselves as fresh, new babies every year or so as we would have all new skin cells, etc. 


It is this programming to repeat what was last there that keeps our age and our health markers progressively intact, but it is our mind, our will and our intentions in that deep, quiet place of belief that commands the programming.


Jesus said it over and over again, “your faith (or your belief) has made you whole”, what you believe is what you are.  When He was in His hometown, where people knew Him as just the neighbor boy who worked as a carpenter, it says He could do very few miracles.  Why?  Was His power less in Galilee?  No, Jesus remained the same.  The healing miracles take place in the body dependent upon the mindset and desires of the person receiving the healing.


Jesus was always whole, complete, in command of His person and His mind.  He didn’t change, and He didn’t have a need to wave a wand or put on a healing show.  He simply WAS who He was and IS.  As God said of Himself “I AM that I AM.”  We also ARE that we are, and sometimes that’s not good. 


The trick is to change the way we are when we are faulty, broken and given over to the kingdom of the world, and be reconciled to God and the way HE is through the renewing of our minds.


Complete, whole, lacking nothing, needing nothing, being aware and dwelling in His presence continually, receiving from God the knowledge and wisdom necessary to Live.  Jesus said man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes out of the mouth of God.  It is the Word that brings the attitude adjustment that produces life.


But what if you are in racking pain?  Pain has to be dealt with and one way is to use EFT (tapping and speaking to yourself in love and acceptance) or meditation, or medication, to get the pain level down.


Our nerve pathways are continuously sending a flurry of messages to and from our brains, telling our bodies how to act and react.  They are (I imagine), more busy when pain signals are screaming through our bodies.  Not only are they assessing and transmitting everything we feel and everything that is going on in our bodies, but they take up a huge amount of resources of energy and provide a cacophony of “noise” in our spirits.  We need to calm, slow down and change the nerve messages to peace.


When Jesus healed, He could simply touch someone’s hand and impart health to them.  He knew what He had, and He must have been in complete control of all of His nerve messages! 


When He healed a person, it wasn’t necessary for the person to understand healing or to believe it was going to happen.  Sometimes it was children who were sick, or people too sick to consciously participate.  So they must have just had a part of them that was receptive to His awareness of Himself and what He had.  A child is open.  A very sick person is open too, and mostly receiving the messages of darkness from the enemy, about defeat and death.


Sometimes Jesus used a visible action to help the person believe in the healing.  For instance he sometimes made a small handful of mud to put on someone’s eyes, or told them to go wash in a pool.  Sometimes He said go present yourself to the priests.  These things were for those who believed medicine or action or forgiveness were necessary to be well again.


So how do you use EFT to stop pain?  I just tried it.  I tapped on my “karate chop” point at the side of my hand, and said “Even though I have pain in my stomach, I totally and completely love myself and God, and accept His word as my healing.”


“Even though I have pain in my stomach, I love myself, I love Jesus, I want to be healed and accept healing and relief from pain in my body.”  Whatever words you choose to use, make them mean something to you.


Then I tapped on the eyebrow point, and all the regular facial points, and ended on the collar bone point.  During those taps I said “Even though I have pain in my stomach, I choose to be pain free.  I Love and Live and have my being in God.”


Say whichever feels right to you, because YOUR psyche knows what your mind is trying to get or what it needs, by this pain or sickness.  Let it speak from your heart and bring out the hidden problem.


I only did one partial round of EFT and it took my pain level down from a 7 to about a 3.  I was lazy and didn’t do any more, but the instructions say to repeat the rounds until the pain is completely at zero.  One very helpful phrase to use is “I forgive myself.  I love myself.  I accept myself just as I am.”


This is important in our walk with the Lord also, to realize that He created us.  Our appearance is not horrendous or wrong, it is what pleased God.  He takes pleasure in looking at you! 


If you are worried about something and the pain is coming from stress, turn your thoughts to trusting in Jesus, to remembering that He is invested in your success and happiness by His very blood and thousands of years of working with mankind to bring you into safety and completeness. 


Nothing missing or broken, no lack, nothing that is less than perfect and acceptable and suitable to be in His presence.  That’s a tall order but with God all things are possible.  This is probably a small thing on His part once we get our preconceived ideas out of the way!


And His Word says He WILL accomplish this!  It says that He will finish the good work He has started in you.  Rejoice, it is HIS labor of love, and all you have to do is say “Yes and Amen Lord, let it be done unto me according to your word and your will.”


Remember the opening paragraph here, where I said our natures strive to share the message of how sick we are, and to get pity from everyone we meet?  I think this is part of the sin of Adam and Eve.  We are whole and complete, but in sickness we deny what God has said about us and try to weave an alternate reality around us to prove what we have said about ourselves.


As Satan wove a web of lies to Adam and Eve about how they would become as God if they ate of the fruit of that tree, and he kept supporting his original statement with more lies and more trouble throughout history, never admitting that he had lied or that he was wrong.


He simply compounded all of his sins, and man, following the DNA of Satan, followed in his footsteps and compounded all of his sins throughout his years.


Salvation and repentance is simply stopping that constant message from our nerves and our heart, and saying that we choose to believe God and obey Him again.  We “take on” His nature and turn from the beliefs and lies we’ve operated on in the past.


So it requires a life commitment to BECOME just like God.  Pure, whole, wishing only good upon every other person, animal and thing.


Not only willing good things to happen to them, but assigning a positive, loving value upon them in our hearts.  First WE must declare ourselves and others perfect and lovely and worth God’s love.


I’m talking about times when you get cut off in traffic and someone angers or endangers you, and your reaction is anger and hate, or something less than goodwill towards that driver.


Or when you hear of a horrendous crime that has been committed and you can’t imagine yourself sitting down with that person and wanting to share God’s love, wanting God to forgive and impart good things to that “bad” person .


Maybe you look down upon someone who is not as intelligent as you are, or who smells bad and doesn’t seem to know how to use a bar of soap.  Or maybe it’s someone who has messed up their lives financially and had similar struggles as yourself, but you won’t admit that you have anything in common with that “failure”.


Each of us is deluded (by Satan’s original lies) into thinking more highly of ourselves than someone else.  Jesus spoke a lot on how to deal with those thoughts.  He said if someone invites you to dinner, don’t choose a favorable or important seat, go take a seat in the back in the lowliest position and be content.  Perhaps the host will come see you and move you into a higher position, but even if he doesn’t, you won’t have the embarrassment of being asked to move lower when you have already taken a good seat!


Remember the two men praying in the street?  One who was puffed up thanked God that he wasn’t like the sinner next to him, but the other man didn’t compare himself to anyone.  He simply cried out to God and asked for mercy for his sins.  It said God was more impressed with the honest man.


Beware of times of fatigue when your children or someone in a vulnerable position comes to you and needs your help.  If you are tired, you may not be as compassionate as you should be, and the attitude of your heart marks your sins and condemns you to having to experience being in the position of the one needing help and receiving just as you had done for him.


Beware of thinking too highly of money or your possessions, so that when someone comes to you and asks for what you have, that you desire to withhold it and not share.  Again, you will be sentenced to experiencing the same given back to you.


How hard it is for us to give up our attachment to our possessions, cash and the titles that we acquire to hold ourselves up in a high position.  Dr. so and so, Bishop so and so, President so and so.


You can’t share of your worldly goods if you are feeling lack and fear, afraid that you may need it yourself and not totally believing that God will provide for your needs as they arise.  WHEN they arise, and not before.


You can’t share when you have assigned emotional value, and are holding onto an item because of memories attached.  You think if you share that beloved item with someone else, perhaps the person who gave it to you, or your deceased relative who used to own it might be offended.


The greatest thank you that you can give to someone who has gifted you with an item or a memory is to cherish and support the life in someone else who needs that item.  As you acknowledge the need and honor the item for what it was created to do, you honor the original giver, and even God Himself who is the REAL original giver of all things.


You cannot lose the relationship you had with your loved ones by giving away their possessions to help others.  That relationship is sealed forever and written in books in Heaven.  Every memory, every word and every event is recorded for eternity and that person’s soul is preserved for eternity.  Where they reside for eternity is up to each person, whether or not they have accepted the truth of Jesus as the payment for their personal sin.


We have much to learn about what it means to honor someone, (especially in honoring God!)  We think that waiting on our loved ones hand and foot shows that we love them.  We think that spending huge sums of money on our children shows them we love them.


Jesus broke down all of life’s issues into the simplest words and tried to help us understand that life is not complicated if you don’t stray from the path of God’s word.


We’re instructed to train our children in the knowledge and admonition of God, to teach them to observe all that He has commanded us to do.  That is our whole duty to our children.  God said He provides the food and clothing, so you’re not responsible to work at a job that takes you away from your children, chasing money and leaving them alone or in the care of people who don’t have your purpose and beliefs.  (This is for mothers who can accept it and is different from the virtuous woman below.)


Some men think if their wives don’t cook elaborate meals and expend a lot of energy on taking care of them, that they don’t love them enough.


The description of the virtuous woman tells a different story.  Here is a self-confident woman who knows her purpose and her abilities, and the limits of them.  She has servants (or hired helpers) who do her bidding, so that she can accomplish all that needs to be done.  She doesn’t limit herself to the common work of the household and waiting on the members hand and foot.  She goes out and finds a good field to buy and instructs her servants to plant it.  She buys and sells and makes sure her household items are kept in good repair.  She is an overseer of everything in her domain.  She makes sure her children are taught correctly and that her husband’s reputation is good in the town.  (Meaning she hasn’t harmed him by speaking badly about him or doing something herself that would bring him shame.)


It says he is proud of her, and he’s instructed to let her keep the money she earns by her enterprises.  This is not the usual image of a woman today who burns the candle at both ends trying to do everything required of her by herself without thanks for it.


Insecure men and women struggle and make mistakes, and let their emotions and disappointments rule their lives because they don’t understand their position and power.


If you are a born again Christian, a true follower of Christ, attempting to walk in His ways, believing that He died for your sins and you’ve made a commitment to living in love instead of pursuing your own desires, then you are a valuable and powerful creature!  You have been given the Holy Spirit and all of Jesus’ power and authority on earth and your job is to step up to that authority and effect change. 


You’re to witness and teach about Jesus and what He’s offering us.  You are to heal the sick with your faith, drive out demons with the authority of His name, and even raise the dead.  You are to baptize people into the fellowship of Christ, and restore everything that was taken from man back to the people of God who seek Him first and love Him with their whole hearts.


You can’t make anyone choose Christ.  You can’t save people.  No one can come to God unless the Holy Spirit draws him and opens his heart.  You can pray for a person before you witness to them, and be confident that the Holy Spirit will prepare the way for you, and even provide you with the words to say when it is time.


Many preachers have taught that all you have to do is ask Jesus to be your savior and tell someone that He is and you’ll be saved.  Then the person goes back to their old lives, does the same things they always did and nothing is better, no power is given, etc.  It’s not a WORD thing, this asking for salvation.  It’s a total heart change, a 180 degree turn from where you are and what you think of yourself.


You cannot BE the same person you were before Jesus came into your life, because the power doesn’t work in darkness.  All sin, sickness, failure and wrong thinking is part of the darkness.  God can’t live there.


It doesn’t change immediately, but as you desire to dwell more in Christ than in the world, the change happens in you because just aligning your heart and mind to Christ perfects you.


We make mistakes, we falter, but if our love for God is real, we’ll stay close by Him and come back to Him, over and over, and each time get a little more progress made.


So here is the secret to healing.  Dwelling in the presence of God, desiring to be just like Him, loving all people because God loved them and put a piece of Himself into each of us, no matter how low or how vile.


It involves denying fear, and refusing to let the thoughts and emotions of fear stay in our mind.  Yes, they pop up as the enemy tries to derail us and distract us, but we don’t have to turn the thoughts over and over, trying to reason out how to beat the devil at his game.  Thank God!  The “game” is already won for us.  Jesus already paid the price for our total reconciliation and return to God.


It should be a high priority for you to KNOW and keep in the front of your thoughts daily, that Jesus chose you, predestined you to His kingdom and love.  He set in place every rescue you would need and every supply you would require before He made you!  He’s had this thing thought out for centuries and you only had to walk into this body and use your faith.


You must know that NOTHING can happen to you today that can harm you IF you believe that nothing can happen today that can harm you!


Every single thing that can come into your experience has been foreseen before God made the world and that’s why Jesus went to the cross.  He knew it was going to take something so powerful and radical that nothing WE could do would fix things.


He gave Himself, His blood, His life, His heart and His love.  He was innocent, and the enemy thought he was destroying the rescue God sent.  He didn’t know that by crucifying Jesus in that manner, according to “legal, spiritual” standards, Him being innocent, would break the authority and power of the enemy on this earth forever for whoever had the blood of Jesus poured over him.


We receive His blood when we receive His gift of pardon, the works of the cross.


We are literally and absolutely TRANSFORMED from the DNA darkness of the kingdom of Satan that Adam and Eve put us in by their choice to follow his lies, into the perfect light of God’s Holy and Pure Kingdom of love.


NOTHING can take you back out of it.  Once you are saved, no matter what mistakes you make, nothing can destroy the love God has for you and the power of the blood of Jesus that rests upon you and inside of you.


You are eternally changed and God said He would take care of making you over in His image, as long as that is your desire.  The more you understand about the purpose and plan of God, the more power you have, the more joy you have and the more freely you will live and move and have your life here.


With all of this GOOD NEWS how can we possibly be sad or depressed?  With all of these promises of God that MUST and SHALL come to pass in our lives, how can we be sick?  How can we continue to express the results of the law of sin and death (the kingdom of Satan) in our bodies and lives when we have at our disposal and for our use, EVERY high powered weapon and tool that exists in the Heavenly realm?  God has held NOTHING back from us.  But in all things He has given us goodly and richly the provisions of LIFE through His son Jesus.


We have it all!  Truly we are rich, truly we are healed, and truly we are set free!  We can have all these things to the degree in which we believe it, and are willing to give up OUR will and ways for God’s will and way.


Now it is up to you to apply these new thoughts and the determination to overcome to your own life!  If you haven’t made Jesus the Lord of your life yet, then ask Him to save you and confess Him to someone as your savior.  Then read the Word, learn what God wants of you and how to have the power.  Contact me if you have questions or need help.


I appreciate you very much and love you deeply!  I KNOW God has a GREAT purpose for your life and you will NOT fail!  God bless you!


To God be the praise and glory!  In Jesus’ name I send out this teaching and ask that the Word bless and heal all who read or hear it.

God bless you all.  Write to me at 

chastityrose (at) yahoo.com


God bless you!  Keep looking back here for more updates and more words.  Visit www.lcci.us (our home church in Albany, GA) to watch services online anytime.

Write to me here:  chastityrose (at) yahoo.com


Lisa Tyler 2012