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I have wanted to be preacher for as long as I can remember, especially after Chris was born and I made a conscious decision to live my life in a way that would glorify God and point others to Him.  I had chosen to do that because I needed a lifestyle where we could all be useful and have approval, not reproach because of our handicaps.

Since then, the Holy Spirit came into my heart and the miracles have come.  God giving me proof after proof of His existence and being able to experience the deep love of God, the awe for His majesty and splendor, the desire to humble myself before Him and give Him the stage.  Now I have a genuine passion for Jesus and zeal to share Him with others that consumes nearly every waking thought.

But even though I felt the pull to a Godly life, I was rebellious and disobedient and wanted everything MY way.  It’s caused me pain and misery all my life.  I thought I was so smart.  I thought I could have my cake and eat it too.  I thought I could choose anything I wanted and make it all work out.  “I thought, I chose, me, myself and I.”

Sure, I was smart, and I had lots of knowledge, I had taken all the tests at school and passed them.  I was praised for my gifts and for the things I could do, (like my art and writing ability), but I was so smart I was stupid through and through.  I was useless, literally useless to God and man.

Brothers and Sisters it is better to be born slow minded than smart.  The less mental capacity you have, the greater potential for happiness you have, because your mind will be more childlike and you’ll take what you learn and believe it, use it and live it without trying to redefine it and put your own personal spin on every new thought.

Praise God for His wisdom in presenting His WAYS as understandable by the little children and the simple minded, so that we wouldn’t altogether pervert His magnificent plans.

I praise God that He gave me Chris to let me look at God through his eyes and use his singleness of vision to keep hold of what God has shown me over the years.  Not that I am great and now I have all this “right” knowledge, but that GOD is great and has wonderful knowledge and blessings for all who will seek Him.  Myself being least because it took me so long to “get it”.

I was so full of myself and such an incredible detriment to God and my fellow man that my first child had to be handicapped and suffer the destruction of his brain during birth, the illness of a subsequent viral infection in his brain, and 5 months of living naked on ice packs filled with needles and prodded by cold, questioning doctors and students at a teaching hospital as they learned from his little life.

Chris would have died as they predicted had God not intervened and performed several major miracles in answer to many specific prayers.  His brain tissue grew back in within 3 months, the eyesight in his left eye came back in two months, his paralysis lifted in 3 days, he woke up from his coma, he was able to walk with both feet, all given after specific prayers, some as quickly as overnight and some taking 3 days, or 3 months.  In later years the time periods of waiting for each healing varied even greater, but was always met and God always showed that He was there and loved us.  That His word could be trusted.

Chris would have died had God not intervened, but God gave us a faith message and backed it up by experience, as He does with all people.  First we have to believe and trust Him, based on HEARING His word or hearing what He did for someone else.

 It would have been ok for Chris to die and go do his work on Heaven’s side of the “river”, but God had something in mind for him here.  I heard a preacher say some folks have their assignment in Heaven to help prepare for the big day when Jesus comes back and all of us get to Heaven. 

We all need housing and “heart-wound care”, therapy and training, and a zillion other things we can’t imagine, that God will provide for us.  And the Bible tells us that God said He Is picking His righteous ones from the earth to remove us from the evil for His own pleasure.  Did you ever think the rapture could be going on right now under our noses and we might not know it?  A whole lot of good folks have been dying lately.  Think on that!

Every person has an assignment and for some it may only be as “Salt” and Light to the earth.  Salt is of no use unless it’s mixed evenly amongst the food to give it flavor and make it pleasing.  To God, when you’re Salt, you’re the person He’s put in your workplace or your school, or your apartment building that will demonstrate the love of Christ towards mankind, and what it means to be forgiven when you don’t deserve it.  If you forgive them when they don’t deserve it, and share your goods without greed, and always, always show the stability of the mind and heart of God. 

Maybe you’re the one who demonstrates how you can have passion for the One who loves our soul intimately.  How do you preach the depth of love that Jesus has for us?  You can’t, you have to show it until it gets on the inside of someone. 

BE the guy or girl who lives with a joyful expectation of Hope.   When your light bill is due and when you’re cupboards are empty, how do you live?  Do you finagle, steal, cheat, cry, borrow from every loan company and go deep into debt, or do you stand in joyful expectation that God WILL fulfill His promises to us that we will have every need met?

You may be the only person that someone ever sees who makes being a Christian look like a better thing than being a drunken reveler, or a swindler or thief.  Brothers and sisters there is joy in sin for a time, and lots of pleasures.  We have to show the world why they should listen to the gospel.  What is in it for them?

You may dislike me or my message, you may even dislike or reject Jesus, but I’m telling you the truth, if you’re not fulfilling your God given purpose, you aren’t as much use as the dung that is thrown down on a field to feed the true fruit that will be coming up.

Think about that.  All good seed has to die to bring forth its fruit, but even the dung is swept under foot and mixed in with dirt to do its part to further God’s plans and feed His people.   The Bible says every branch that is not bringing forth fruit, although it may be a part of the vine of God and enjoying all the blessings of God, if it’s not producing as God intended, it’s in danger of being cut down and thrown into the fire.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be a good seed than a lump of feces.

I’d rather be slow witted, ugly and wearing rags than be puffed up in self-esteem, having an overinflated estimation of my worth and wisdom, and dressed out in plastic sequins trying to look like a million bucks if I’m just a steaming pile of cow patty that’s destined to nourish the mushrooms.

If you’re willing to renew your mind daily, seek God first and obey what He tells you to do, then you can be a good seed that brings forth much fruit.  Your fruit may be winning souls, or it might be equipping the saints, or ministering to the needy.  It might be encouragement, or binding up wounds.  It might be working in stability and presence of mind at your job, (hopefully the job you love to do), to give money to support the works of the church.

But even if you’re giving 30% of your income to the church, don’t think you’re going to get by without the RELATIONSHIP with God that He demands of us.

God told my sister Eileen about a year ago, that He does not just REQUIRE our presence in worship, but that He DEMANDS it.  It’s not given as a choice; it’s given as a command.

Remember Queen Vashti who was the equivalent of a first lady like Michelle Obama.  She had her good works going on, she had her calendar full and was working towards being the best queen ever in the history books, but when her husband required her attendance at a party to show the world His riches and importance, even down to the great beauty of his wife, she refused to come.

She declined because it didn’t seem as important to her as her own work going on.  She may have felt degraded or put out, inconvenienced or self-important.  Whatever her reason was, it was the wrong choice, resulting in being removed as the queen, perhaps even put to death, or sent out into the general population of the world to be a pile of dung to fertilize the mushrooms. 

Think of it.  A beautiful woman, used to having nice clothing and authority and respect, responsibility and being useful, instantly became useless for anything much more than a prostitute and beggar on the street.  

We learn that Esther took her place as Queen and used her service to her husband to save the lives of the Hebrew nation.

We also must give our lives to God, and in doing proper service to God, we will be useful and produce great fruit, perhaps to the saving of many lives!

How many times have you asked yourself what the purpose of your life is, what does God want you to do?

The answer is very simple. 

Love the Lord your God with:

All your heart (more than your lover, your children, your clothing, your income, your jewelry and more than any other thing),

All your soul (more than your pride in your own wisdom and beauty, your talents, your friendships and influence),

And your mind, (your titles and degrees, your accomplishments, your time, your plans, your favorite television show),

And with all your might (your strength, the hours of your day, the energy you spend, the influence over others you hold, the self-esteem you feel in your community, to the laying down of your life if necessary).

And Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

Love isn’t love until it’s demonstrated and acted out. 

The mind and heart of man cannot mature until it opens to love, experiences it, tastes it and returns it.

No man can understand love until it is given to him by someone else.  Every baby receives its love from its mother and father, from its community and from those important in his life.  But when he grows up, he seeks more love, deeper love, wider love and more varied expressions of love.  He seeks a mate, he seeks a community, and he seeks like-minded friends.

Most of all, the navigational system of his heart seeks the One who created him, and until that spot is filled and God is secure in his heart, he’ll be miserable, lonely in a crowd of people, dissatisfied with his mate and always searching for something more.  When a friend, a child of God, demonstrates and gives him love, it connects his heart to God and Truth can come in. 

How many people do you know who have been married over and over, go from one job to another, always searching and never finding the happiness they seek?

They may say they know God and are saved, and perhaps they do, but they aren’t filling up their heart daily with the word and renewing their minds with it.  They aren’t putting God in the place in their lives that He should be, to determine every move and choice, based on what God would have you do.  Based on what God has already said in His word, even if you don’t feel or hear a direct answer from God.

If you can do nothing more in your entire lifetime than regularly and enthusiastically give Him praise and sing to Him, rejoice in Him, and remember He is God, you’ll do very well!

The next time you see a handicapped person, or a retarded person, or someone in a wheelchair, smile and praise the Lord!  You’ve seen a blessed man or woman, someone that God has given a unique position and ability to please Him, love Him, and share the love of God with the world.

We weren’t created to build skyscrapers, build dynasties and conquer men.  We were created to honor and worship the living God and return to Him love and attention.  This is the greatest job we can have.


To God be the praise and glory!  In Jesus’ name I send out this teaching and ask that the Word bless and heal all who read or hear it.

God bless you all.  Write to me at 

chastityrose (at) yahoo.com


God bless you!  Keep looking back here for more updates and more words.  Visit www.lcci.us (our home church in Albany, GA) to watch services online anytime.

Write to me here:  chastityrose (at) yahoo.com


Lisa Tyler 2010